Press Release 

Technical Trip to Istanbul and Activities

From May 30 until June 1, 2022, the project team of «Young Masters» of European Centre of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments, alongside with the teacher and students of wood carving of EPA.S. Kalampaka “Wood Carving and Decorative Furniture”, carried out Technical trip to Istanbul. During the trip the team participated in a wood carving workshop, in which woodcarving teachers and students from the two countries interacted and exchanged know-how and experiences.
The group also attended the opening of the exhibition “Youth Touch to Traditional Wood-Arts-Istanbul” and the closing ceremony of the project, in which the results of the program were presented in a festive atmosphere and prizes and certificates of attendance were awarded to participants. Finally, the project team was guided to monuments and museums in Istanbul, where they had the opportunity to admire works of Turkish wooden cultural heritage.