Olkas, Discovering Mediaval Ports

Directed by: George Botsos Produced by: European Center of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments
The documentary “Olkas, Discovering Mediaval Ports” is a journey to the medieval ports of the North Aegean and the Black Sea. The journey starts from Thessaloniki and following Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, passes through the ports of Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine-Crimea, Georgia and ends at Byzantine Constantinople. The documentary was produced in the framework of the project “Olkas” (, which aimed at highlighting the medieval ports of the Black Sea and promoting the existing cultural heritage.

Olkas II. Traveling to and from Byzantium. Medieval ports from the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean

Director: George Botsos Production: Capri Productions Co-production: European Center of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments – Society of Cypriot Studies
It is a voyage to Byzantine and medieval ports of the Aegean Sea and Cyprus with the navigation of a Byzantine merchant ship, the Olkada. The aim of the documentary is the cultural and touristic promotion of the Byzantine-medieval ports to the extent that it highlights their importance as stations in the maritime routes as well as places where objects of trade were produced. The documentary was produced with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Greece and the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus as well as ecclesiastical and cultural organizations, municipal authorities and local as well as state bodies from both countries, with the financial support of the Cyprus Tourism Organization and the Xotaris Art Forum.