Director of the European Centre for Byzantine and Postbyzantine Monuments is Dr. Flora Karagianni

Flora Karagianni has studied History and Archaeology in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she continued her postgraduate studies on Byzantine Archaeology and Art. Later on, she took a diploma of the Theology from the Theological School of the same University. She is currently the Director of the European Centre for Byzantine and Postbyzantine Monuments as well as Head of the Department of Byzantine Antiquities and Museums in the Ephorate of Antiquities of Thessaloniki City. Since March 2017 she has been appointed as Ephor to the Patriarchal Foundation for Patristic Studies and she is the President of the Association: “Byzantine Oecoumene”. She has written two books, she has edited many others, she has participated in many international and national conferences, she has given lectures in Greece and abroad on byzantine archaeology and art and she has organized several exhibitions.


The departmental structure of EKBMM is as follows:

  1. Office of the Secretary to the Administrative Board and Public Relations.
    Head of the Office: Chara Sarrigiannidou, permanent civil servant, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Archaeologist, field of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine.
  2. Administration and Finance Office.
    Head of the Office: Euthimia Ioannidou, civil servant (contract of unlimited duration), Ministry of Culture and Sports, field of Administration.
  3. Office for the Promotion of Scientific Research.