Press Release

Inauguration of the Exhibition: «…Yet Syria, Laboratory of the Muses»

The European Center for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments in cooperation with the Damascus University in Syria, organize the digital exhibition:

«…Yet Syria, Laboratory of the Muses»

The exhibition that was presented the summer of 2021 in Athens and attracted many visitors, is transferred to Thessaloniki and hosted in Warehouse C’, Pier A’. The exhibition presents the results of the Scientific programme: «Syrian Mosaic Pavement Documentation», which was carried out in 2004-2008.

The mosaics come from the collections of most Museums of Syria, the documentation of which was carried out by Syrian archaeology students of Damascus University, under the guidance of EKBMM’s scientists. The content, was firstly documented in the period of 2004-2008 and in 2020 and afterwards was studied and organized in a digital archive for the purpose of its publication. This archive, today, after the war and the destructions that Syria’s cultural heritage suffered, is a valuable source for the study of the artistic and the intellectual life of Eastern Mediterranean during the early Byzantine period. At the mosaics of the digital archive, among others, represent mythological and christian themes, as well as, and scenes of everyday life.

At the digital exhibition, numerous high cultural value floor mosaics, dated from the Roman to the Byzantine period, are displayed by modern interactive ways and by a digital table (e-Table). Moreover, the visitors would have the chance to learn about the origin, history and the art of the mosaics by watching short documentary film.

The inauguration will be held on Sunday 19 December, 18:00.
Attendance is free*
Place: Warehouse G’, Pier A’, Port of Thessaloniki
Exhibition’s duration: 19-30 December 2021, Weekdays & Weekdays 11:00-19:00. The exhibition will remain close at 25/12/2021
Tours are offered after telephone contact. Information and Reservations: Iwannidou Efi, 2310 889830, 6947276201.

*Participants will be asked for a vaccination or recovery certificate (issued no more than 3 months ago), at the entrance of the exhibition.

Press Release