Restoration of the Church of the Dormition in the village of Zervati, Gjirokastër, Albania (2002-2006)

The Middle-Byzantine period church of the Dormition in the village Zervati (Gjirokastër, Albania) was restored with funding and supervision by EKBMM and with the works being carried out by local craftsmen. Also, the frescoes (1606), work of the Linotopite painters Michael and Nikolaos, the iconostasis and the icons of the templum were restored.

Initially, the goal of the EKBMM was to compile a study, in accordance with internationally applicable principles of conservation and restoration of monuments, which would be implemented with EKBMM’s scientific responsibility and funding.

The restoration study of the monument included: a) Historical research, typological and morphological analysis, analysis of structures, materials and static structure, first approach of the construction phases and their evaluation, the pathology of materials and structures and the identification of the reasons that caused it . b) Proposal for fasten and restoration of the monument.

Following the approval of the study by the Administrative Board of EKBMM and the Central Institute of Monuments of Albania, the implementation of the project began and was completed in 2008, was funded by the EKBMM through the Archdiocese of Albania.