Mosaic Conservation Programme, Hama, Syria (2008-2011)

EKBMM organized and equipped with the appropriate technical and electronic equipment, a workshop for the maintenance of detached mosaics at the Hama Museum in Syria. In addition, he undertook the training of the conservators of this museum and others in the maintenance of detached mosaics. As part of the training, a detached mosaic floor with an inscription from the early Christian basilica of Abu Rbeiss with a multi-line Greek inscription was preserved.

The “Training Program on the Conservation of Detached Mosaic Panels” was implemented in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of the Syrian Ministry of Culture. It is a continuation of the previous “Syrian Mosaic Pavement Documentation Programme“. As part of this project, EKBMM equipped a Mosaic Conservation Laboratory at the Archaeological Museum of Hama. The same students participated in the Program, who also attended the previous program. In addition, a series of lectures was organized and the students took part in practical exercises in the field of documentation and maintenance of detached tiles, gaining knowledge on the choice of maintenance methods and measures for the protection of detached mosaics. At the same time, the documentation, cleaning and application of a new substrate part of the large mosaic inscription from the early Christian basilica of Abu Rbeiss was completed. The laboratory equipment was donated to the Hama Museum. The programme was suspended due to the state of war in 2011.