Charter of Thessaloniki: Charter for the Protection of Byzantine Heritage Monuments

In Thessaloniki, from 30/11 until 2/12/2018, an International Conference was held. In this Conference 21 countries of Europe and Mediterranean ratified the Charter for the Protection of Byzantine Heritage, under the auspices of the Greek National Commission for UNESCO, and with the participation of representatives of the UNESCO World Heritage Center, ICOM Europa Nostra.

The European Centre for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments (EKBMM) along with Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Jordan, Spain, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Morocco, Bahrain, Palestine, Romania, Serbia and Syria, the countries that participated in the consultation of the “Charter of Thessaloniki” and ratified it, aims to collaborate on multilateral but also bilateral projects, with the common goal of the gradual implementation of the principles of the Charter for the protection of Byzantine heritage monuments.

The Charter of Thessaloniki