Byzantine Monuments and World Heritage, 2006

In the framework of “Byzantine Monuments and World Heritage”, EKBMM organized in Thessaloniki in 2006 the third international conference under the auspices of UNESCO. The conference was attended by representatives from 20 countries, in whose territories there are Byzantine monuments and monuments with strong Byzantine influence.
The objectives of the conference were: a) the creation of an Information database which will include the national legislation for the protection of monuments of each Member, a list of Byzantine monuments of each country with complete historical and archaeological documentation and relevant scientific bibliography b ) the establishment of a network of communication between the countries and the EKBMM c) the preparation of an intervention program in certain monuments, in cooperation of the EKBMM with the respective countries and the realization of restoration works in them, under the supervision of the EKBMM.
EKBMM developed a multilingual database entitled ‘Monuments of the Byzantine world’ with aim of presenting Byzantine monuments on the internet. Typical monuments from States that participated in the conferences organized by EKBMM have been introduced in the database, thanks to the data provided by the states themselves. A preliminary manual for the regional bases has been sent by the EKBMM to the participating countries.
A relevant seminar was also held. Base website: